Hakai Lodge Salmon & Halibut Fishing @ Hakai Lodge

Hakai Lodge Salmon & Halibut Fishing @ Hakai Lodge
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hakai Lodge Salmon & Halibut Fishing @ Hakai Lodge

Monster 55-pound Chinook Salmon Caught at Hakai Pass

Aug 3rd -- Guests from Bellingham Washington, regular Hakai Lodge anglers, landed a 55-pound king salmon yesterday.

Hakai Pass on the Central Coast of British Columbia has been getting better and better every day. The big fish have arrived and anglers continue to intercept them.

Halibut fishing has been good too. Anthony Lawler, from California landed a 55-pound halibut a few days ago while slow trolling for salmon with his 10 1/2 foot mooching rod, Islander reel and 25-pound mainline. This had to be a challenge because Anthony fishes alone. Congrats on your catch!

Guest who fish at Hakai Lodge begin their trip in Renton Washington, and fly to the resort aboard a Northwest Seaplane Beaver. They can also choose to fly on a scheduled flight from Vancouver B.C. or Port Hardy, the choice is theirs.

Anglers can also bring their own boat and pay ala cart' for the services and bait and gas as needed. If you have your own boat trailer it to Port Hardy, then make your way north to the lodge. It's worth the trip.

I have my personal boat at Hakai Lodge now. It's a 17-foot Olympic runabout with a 90-horse outboard. Of course I have a kicker motor too. Watch for my boat, the Salmon Seeker if you fish the area.

Right now Hakai Lodge has a few cancellation trips available because of sudden, insured cancellations. Hakai Lodge will apply the insured deposit toward your trip if you can work out your schedule to match the open date. A 4-day, 3-night trip, from Renton will cost $1,891.00. 

Call for details. 1-800-538-3551

I'll see 'ya on the water,
John L. Beath